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Insurance Services Individualized to Washington Residents and Businesses

Developing a comprehensive insurance portfolio can be a challenge, and during this process a knowledgeable insurance advisor can be an asset. At Brayer Insurance Services LLC, we understand that you are looking for an agency to fill this role, focusing on your individual protection needs.


Serving as a trusted resource for our Washington neighbors is the aspect of our profession most fulfilling to us. Every individual, family, and business we serve is different. These distinctions must be reflected in the ultimate insurance policy produced. Your family, your business, and your valuable assets are important to you, and that makes them important to us.

An Array of Coverage Options, Including Homeowners Insurance, Auto Insurance, and Contractors Insurance

Our status as an independent insurance agency means we offer insurance coverage through a variety of quality insurance companies – not just a single carrier. Why does this matter? It takes us back to the philosophy that every client is not the same. A ‘captured’ agency can only provide insurance through the single insurance company they represent. With a policy from a captive agent, you may pay for coverages that do not apply to your unique situations, or even worse, you may be incorrectly or under covered.


Think of this as stuffing a star shaped client into a square shaped slot.

For us, the focus remains on the protection the client requires. Our certified agents take time to thoroughly identify risks before countering with accurate and affordable insurance coverage.


Homeowners insurance and auto insurance serve as the foundation of our personal insurance program. The same personalized attention granted to each individual and family we work alongside extends to our commercial insurance offerings. As an agency, we partner with business owners representing a variety of specific industries.


If we do not provide the exact coverage you need, we will let you know. Our role as a trusted resource is not to “stuff” you into a policy that simply does not work. If you would like additional insight into the products and services we offer, please contact our agency.

Educating Clients on the Insurance Protection Available

Insurance policies can be confusing to navigate, and we genuinely want to help guide you through this process. If questions come up, do not hesitate to ask. If we do not have an answer right away, we will take the steps necessary to find a solution. Insurance is an investment. You should understand exactly what you are spending your money on.


To get started on a policy, request a quote at your convenience.

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I wanted to take this moment and opportunity to thank you GREATLY for all of your incredible help! The field in insurance is complex and very necessary in a risky business as construction and in a litigious society as well. You have made it easier for me to shoulder the load and be about my business. I always appreciate how prompt, professional and servant-minded you are and you're always pleasant and friendly in the midst of all your work. Great balance. Gratefully,
Paul & Crystal Dwyer, Double D Painting

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